Durning the Coronavirus Shelter in Place order we are committed to the health of patients If you have a dental problem please call our emergency number 316-290-9564
Durning the Coronavirus Shelter in Place order we are committed to the health of  patientsIf you have a dental problem please call our emergency number316-290-9564 

Dental Emergencies

At Family & Preventive Care we offer one of the best systems for your emergency dental care. Many times dental problems occur outside of office hours. Dr Turner along with a team of well trained professionals make sure your dental needs are taken care of in a prompt and professional manner. 


Emergency FAQ

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What is a Dental Emergency?

Facial Swelling

The most common dental emergency is facial swelling. See your dentist promptly. If you don't have a dentist please give us a call. We will be more than happy to see you. In the mean time a cold compress will alleviate some of the pain. 

Broken or Cracked Tooth

A tooth that is newly broken and causes you pain is another common dental emergency. This is particularly important in children who have newly erupted permanent teeth. Anyone that has a newly broken tooth that causes pain by itself or when you eat or drink needs to be seen by the dentist immediately. 

Knocked Out Tooth

Adolescent sports activities are a major cause of a tooth being knocked out. If you or your child participates in contact sports, always wear a mouth guard. The "boil and bite"  type of mouth guards are better than no protection at all. If you plan to regularly participate in contact sports have your dentist make you a custom mouth guard. It's much less expensive than the repair of a fractured or lost tooth.

There are a few important steps to take when a tooth is knocked out. First locate the tooth. Do not touch the root or try to brush any debris off of the root .Touch only the white or crown of the tooth. If you cannot reinsert the tooth (it has no visible debris on it) put it in milk and call us (or your dentist) immediately. Let the doctor know the nature of the accident and the tooth has been totally knocked out of the mouth ( time is of essence). By taking these few steps the chances of saving the tooth are greatly increased


Toothaches are a sure sign of a dental problem. Rest assured that the tooth will not get better by itself. The pain may stop but the problem will persist. The next time the pain comes back it will tend to be more difficult(expensive) to correct.

Not all toothaches are a dental emergency. Generally if the pain comes on suddenly and the tooth has not bothered you before, emergent care is needed for the tooth(or teeth). Some toothaches are a sign of other non-dental problem. They tend to be more mild or tolerable. Call us on the next business day. We will schedule you promptly.

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